Supporters & External Contributors

A particular role is played by the French Association “Les Enfants de Cinéma” (in charge of the National program for film Literacy), as well as Mizar Multimedia, a company specialized on developing educational and cultural communication material.

The Consortium counts with the valuable support of Europa Distribution, the MPAAEuroVOD, the European Producers Club, the Film Club and EUXXL Film. All of them will contribute and strongly facilitate the research and will help to present an accurate picture on the current contours and future alternatives for film literacy in schools within the EU.

image LogoLes Enfants de Cinema is a national association founded in 1994 by a group of Cinema and Education professionals. Its raison d’être  lies on the belief of establishing a flourishing dialogue between cinema and youth and it represents a platform of discussion, debate and experimentation where the relationship between pedagogy and cinema is the leading input.

Since then Les Enfants de Cinema has realized many projects on raising awareness and implementing training in Cinema as an art for young audience. Therefore it has collaborated with governmental institution such as the National Department of Culture and Communication in France, the CNC (National Film and Animation Institute), National Department of General Education and the SCEREN-CNDP (Services, culture, publishing, resources for the National Education).

With its activity Les Enfants de Cinema succeeded to put in action projects that involve national and local association, festivals, private and public institutions and different aged people from the teacher to the young people, in order to create a base of self-inducing cultural virtuous circle.  In particular Les Enfant de Cinema worked in order to reach an active partnership with different stakeholders to develop an appropriate strategy on film and education, organising and partaking to workshops, seminars and conferences to raise the awareness on Cinema, in particular in schools, developing programmes for teachers providing the tools of a Film Literacy and conducting annually researches to be used to implement the actions and to study the existing situation.

mizar_logoMizar Multimedia is a company specialized in the development of audio-visual, interactive and print campaigns, educational and cultural material. It established new learning methods for publishers around the world.

During the years, Mizar Multimedia gained competence in developing digital educative resources and learning platform for teachers and students in formal and informal education.
Its work on Media Literacy has been very active taking part in several projects such as the Mentor Association for Media Education scheme in the Mediterranean area. Besides it collaborated with the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations and with UNESCO

Mizar Multimedia combines a team of professionals and experts from very diverse backgrounds such as communication, journalism, education, computer science, design, art, television and philology, but with a shared aim: to enhance the Educational Sector contributing to form a more sophisticated society.

It also developed various projects regarding Media Literacy in Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean area as well as in Latin America, in order to spread knowledge about the tools of the new communication era and about education programs for the improvement of teaching skills.

logo Europa DistributionEuropa Distribution is a professional European network of independent distributors headed by the award winning film director
Cristian Mungiu. The Board of Administration, chaired by Annemie
Degryse (Lumière / Belgium) & Jakub Duszynski (Gutek Film / Poland) is composed of 11 independent European distributors, representative in terms of nationality, structure typology, and cultural diversity.

Europa Distribution was created in 2006 and since then its impressive achievements have enabled it to build a strong and competitive European film industry with large cultural influence. The aim of the network is to strengthen the European existing relationships to improve the impact of independent film distribution and promotion tools. In particular its activities involves the promotion of the interests of Distributors at European Level and enhance a flow of information and closer ties between them in order to create a network able to cooperate, exchange ideas, and experimenting new and emerging distribution models. More and more, Europa Distribution has a pivotal role in the activation of new solutions and models related to new challenges that distributors are facing nowadays; not only among their members as a common Pan-European think tank but also towards other stakeholders from the industry such as producers, sales agents, exhibitors, festivals and financier.

eurovodEuroVoD is a European federation of Video on Demand platforms specialized in independent cinema. Its main goal is to develop and promote legal offers of European art-house films on VoD throughout Europe. Its network is composed by different partners spread throughout Europe: UniversCiné Belgium, UniversCiné (France), Good!Movies (Germany), Volta (Ireland), Filmin (Spain), and furthermore production companies such as Blind Spot Pictures (Finland) and Bord Cadre Films (Switzerland).

Its mission is to implement a collaborative management between VoD platforms and exchange know-how and technical expertise between its members; to increase the transnational circulation of films and to promote art-house films, and to promote innovative models for Video on Demand (VoD) distribution. Eurovod works towards improving a
European network between distributors but with a special regards to preserving local diversity in European cinema.

mpaaThe Motion Picture Association of America Inc. (MPAA), together with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and MPAA’s other subsidiaries and affiliates, serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries in the United States and around the world. MPAA’s members are the six major U.S. motion picture studios: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Universal City Studios LLC; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. They are a proud champion of intellectual property rights, free and fair trade, innovative consumer choices, freedom of expression and the enduring power of movies to enrich and enhance people’s lives.
MPAA’s principal U.S. offices are located in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, California. They also have content protection teams in Chicago, Dallas and New York. The MPAA, and other subsidiaries and affiliates of MPAA, have commercial and regional offices in Brussels, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Toronto. Along with their own subsidiaries and affiliates, they work with many content protection groups and other organizations in more than 30 countries around the world.

aiTAudiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunications (ATiT) is an audio-visual and information technologies company with offices in Belgium. Set up in January 1999, ATiT specialises in the educational, cultural and training sectors and provides audio-visual production, project management, training and consultancy services to clients all over the world.

ATiT can be classified as a private research, consultancy and production company in the ICT sector specializing in technology enhanced learning solutions, integrating appropriate technologies.

They are currently involved in the EduTubePlus project; a European curriculum related video library and hybrid e-services for the pedagogical exploitation of video in class. Within MEDEA: EU.

Into_Film_Logo_Green_RGBInto Film’s UK-wide programme of learning through and about film provides 5-19 year olds with unparalleled opportunities to see, think, make and imagine. With backing from the British Film Institute and the UK film industry through Cinema First, Into Film’s programme is delivered through a growing network of 8500 schools involving 9500 teachers and 280,000 children and young people. The programme includes film watching and access to a 4000 title curated catalogue as well as an annual film festival, filmmaking, links to local cinemas and resources and training activities for teachers.

Into Film was born from the legacy of two leading film education charities, FILMCLUB and First Light, both had considerable experience in delivering film-based programmes of significant scale and reach to children and young people across the UK. Into Film embraces a model that uses insight from the experience of the two founding organisations and their networks and partnerships developed over the last decade.

Into Film works in partnership with the British Film Institute, Amazon (LOVEFiLM) and Filmbank, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Times Education Supplement (TES),  National Schools Partnership, Industry Trust, National Union of Teachers, PTA-UK, National Association for Primary Education and Aardman Animations. Into Film also works in conjunction with many distributors, exhibitors and Film Festivals.

LogoEU XXL FILM is an initiative for the advancement of European integration and for cultural exchange, founded in 2003 by Austrian actress, TV and radio journalist and former politician Mercedes Echerer.  Formally, it is promoted by an Association called the “EU XXL Kulturverein zur Förderung der europäischen Integration” (Incorporated association supporting the european integration). EUXXL Film hosts some important events every year, in which high level policy discussions take place, regarding audio-visual policy.

EUXXL Film goals are based on the recognition of the special role of audio-visual media and the cultural, social and economic value of audio-visual productions.


The European Producers Club (EPC) is an association of influential independent film producers from 15 countries across Europe. Founded in 1993 within the framework of the GATS negotiations, the European Producers Club (EPC) acts as a network, a think tank and a lobby in order to participate in the definition of the political and legislative context on a European level. They closely follow the evolution of political issues on a European and member state level, plans strategy in order to face the major issues affecting the film industry and take action. A dedicated team of experts works at the EPC in order to promote international film co-production. For more than eight years, the EPC has been organizing training, workshops, professional conferences, and networking meetings in Europe and all over the world. In addition to its 50 Members, the EPC fosters a network of over 3,000 industry professionals.

The EPC also coordinates the European Producer Association Alliance (EPAA), an alliance of 35 producer associations, as well as the European Cinema Network (ECN), an online film network.