Join us in our workshop in Barcelona!

The city of Barcelona will be the scenery of the FilmEd Learning Experiences Workshopwhich will take place in the Filmoteca de Catalunya on 12-13 June .

 The workshop which is co-organized by the FilmEd Project and the Filmoteca de Cata­lunya will gather film literacy experiences and audiovisual practices developed over the years in the European schools.

 Film in Education Workshop will present the first results of the research concerning the use of film and audio-visual content in primary and secondary schools in Europe and its main aim is to share experiences, discuss strat­egies and create and develop international cooperation links.

 Several film literacy case studies and initiatives taken in Europe and in the rest of the continents will be presented by experts, peda­gogues, teachers, educators, film and TV professionals from all over the world.


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